What started out as a collaborative retreat, is now a movement where we strive to kick ass, overcome obstacles, and be water in all areas of life. We believe in empowering individuals to defend themselves and to confront challenges head-on, to keep moving forward despite the obstacles (physical or mental) on the path, adapting and flowing with ease.

Our comprehensive approach combines practical self-defense/combatives, natural human movement skills, and flow movement and mindset training to equip you with the tools and know how to overcome any adversity that comes your way, and become more resilient in the process.

KICK ASS: We embrace the warrior spirit within all of us, helping you develop practical self-defense and combative skills rooted only in the systems, techniques, and mindsets with a proven track record. We empower you to stand tall, defend yourself, and face any situation with confidence and competence.

OVERCOME OBSTACLES: Life puts obstacles in our path, but we believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Through our unique method, we guide you to effectively and efficiently navigate any physical and/or mental barrier, developing the strength, skill, and tenacity to conquer adversity. This is real world fitness.

BE WATER: Movement is not just about strength and power; it's also about efficiency and grace. We integrate movements and mindsets inspired by disciplines that help you connect the dots, encourage creativity, and come up with solutions to problems without skipping a beat. This combination allows you to develop your resilience, move with fluidity, and discover your own unique, creative flow. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Together, we will forge a community of badasses (aka FMFers) who can fight when needed, move over, under, through, or around anything that tries to stop us, and flow with ease through life. Join the FMFing movement, walk the FMFing path, and embrace the Fight Move Flow lifestyle, you FMFer!


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FMF focuses on practical self-defense and combative skills, heavily influenced by the renowned Gracie/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system, with bits of Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Firearms/Weapons training. This training aims to equip individuals with effective techniques to defend themselves and others in real-life situations. We emphasize using leverage, base, connection, and many other principles to minimize or eliminate any size and/or strength disadvantages. We focus on positional control, joint locks, and chokeholds to neutralize opponents, and control situations with as little or as much force as the situation demands. This provides the necessary skills and mindset to confidently protect oneself and others. Not only do we FIGHT in the self-defense/combative context, we also fight gravity, we fight for what we believe in, and sometimes we have to fight our inner b!tch and embrace the struggle/do what needs to be done (think: sauna, cold plunge, etc.)

"It's better to be a warrior in the garden, than a gardener in the war."

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FMF forges natural human movement skills inspired by disciplines like MovNat, La Methode Naturelle, Obstacle Course training, Art Du Deplacement, and Parkour. This aspect focuses on developing our natural movement patterns, mobility, agility, and adaptability. We emphasize human movements such as crawling, ground movements, get ups, balancing, walking, running, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and swimming. This builds a solid foundation. We emphasize skills first, then conditioning. The goal is to be effective first, then be more efficient, and lastly, what most other training leaves out, be adaptable. We focus on practical skills to overcome all physical and mental obstacles. By integrating this training, we encourage individuals to relearn their innate movement abilities, enhance their capability, connect with themselves and their environment, and have a practical level of fitness

"Be strong to be useful."

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FMF introduces flow to the body and mind, drawing inspiration from disciplines like Art Du Deplacement/Free Running/Parkour flow, Steel Mace/Kettlebell/Club flow, Capoeira, Animal Flow, BJJ flow rolling for the body, and meditation/mindfulness, mental challenges, breathwork, etc. for the mind. This component emphasizes continuous, seamless, and dynamic movements that allow individuals to flow effortlessly between different techniques and positions. Here we combine various movements skills/techniques, positions, and transitions, connect the dots in our bodies and minds, and get into creative and expressive movements and mindstates. Incorporating the various flow training in the practice of Fight Move Flow promotes self-expression, artistic exploration, efficiency, fluidity, and a heightened sense of mind-body connection. 

"Be water, my friend."

By integrating practical self-defense/combative skills, natural human movement, and flow training, Fight Move Flow offers a comprehensive approach to self-defense, movement literacy, and self awareness. We take you on the path from effective, to efficient, to adaptable. From unconscious incompetence, to unconscious competence. We combine effective, efficient, and expressive movement and mindsets, allowing individuals to develop a versatile skill set, embrace and enhance their innate abilities, and live with confidence, strength, and fluidity.


In-Person Coaching

Available 1-on-1, dual sessions, or in private groups.

Online Coaching

Available live or anytime, anywhere in group settings or 1-on-1.

Online Courses

Available anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.



FIGHT, MOVE, and/or FLOW Workshops. Available in half-, 1-, or 2-day events. Mainly in Denver or Phoenix. Collaborations with other badass FMFing instructors, sometimes available in other locations.


Collaborative retreats with other badass FMFing instructors. Usually 4-6 days, in epic locations (think Colombia, Costa Rica, front range of Colorado, etc.)







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